The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation provides funding primarily to organizations in the Tulsa area and in Israel. The Foundation funds non-profits focused on children's issues, the arts and culture, advocacy and support for the mentally ill, Jewish causes, learning differences at all ages, and higher education. This foundation meets on a quarterly basis. Proposals are due as follows: April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th

Trustees:  Ms. Maxine Zarrow, Ms. Gail Richards, Ms. Hilary Zarrow, Ms. Rebecca Richards, Mr. Eric Richards, Ms. Alison Zarrow, Ms. Rachel Zarrow


Mr. Jack Zarrow (1925-2012)  •  Mr. Scott Zarrow (1958-2012)


Foundation Staff:

Bill Major, Executive Director, (918) 295-8004

Emily Dukes, Program Associate, (918) 295-8054

Laura Blais, Grants Administrator, (918) 295-8008

Peggy Mihos, Administrative Coordinator of Foundations, (918) 295-8004